Our Story

November 2007 – We met at a sorority formal.

Spencer was in attendance with one of my friends. After a very flirtatious night, I was certainly surprised when he was one of the candidates I was interviewing the next morning. He removed himself from the orientation leader application pool just days later.

March 2008 – Facebook official!

It took quite some time to convince me that we were ready to declare our relationship to the world. If you know me well, you know how much I hate the attention to be on me. I couldn’t imagine the hoopla that would ensue. I’m still not over it – it took 5 months to make the engagement Facebook official.

June 2009 – For some reason, we moved to Montana.

While we were spring breaking in the mountains, Spencer was invited to brew at a local establishment. The owner was so impressed that he offered him a job and a mountain-side condo. Pretty hard to pass up, wouldn’t ya say?

August 2010 – Brooklyn Park became our permanent residence.

After years of renting and countless hours of Spencer longing for a garage, we took advantage of the slow market and bought a home. We are enjoying making it our own. Next time you’re in town, swing by Spencer’s man-cave. We have more beer than you can even imagine.

October 2010 – Connor Joseph Anderson was born.

Who knew that something so small could bring so much joy? We can’t imagine life without him.

November 2010 – Spencer proposed.

The story couldn’t be any sweeter. He caught me completely off guard with a professional photographer and a billowing salute from the lift bridge horn.

August 2011 – We’re getting hitched!