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We’re a Real Wedding on!

A great big thank you to our photographer, Ben Colvin, for submitting the pictures and to Megan McCarty from MNBride for sharing our story. Click here to see the post. Advertisements

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Nearly 900 photos later…

Our photographer, Ben Colvin, must be exhausted and sick of looking at us. Visit his blog for a recap of some of the best shots from August 13. Thank you for everything, Ben. We can’t wait to recommend you to … Continue reading

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Sounds about right!

Love it! I’m sure at least a handful of my friends felt/still feel this way. I love you all for pretending to care. Unrelated, I wonder how often someone pees their pants laughing during a SomeECards brainstorming session?

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“Do you feel different?”

Just as they do on September 17, friend and family have been asking, “do you feel any different?” My gut-reaction is always no. But as the days go by, maybe I do feel a little different. A little happier, slightly … Continue reading

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Identity crisis!

Is it just me or is waking up Kelly O’Connor and going to bed Kelly Anderson a little nuts? I’m nowhere near adjusted to my new name. And is it truly my name yet? When did/does it technically change? When … Continue reading

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A million tiny thank you’s

We spent months planning, days preparing, a couple of nights celebrating, and now the party is officially over. The set-up was daunting and the take-down tiring but now is when the real work begins. As our parents have modeled, being … Continue reading

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