Congratulations, Samone and Carly!

Today, I’m off to Jim Falls, Wisconsin to attend my first-ever commitment ceremony.

My friend Samone is an elegant, sophisticated, and extra sexy lady. She loves to cook and entertain. Plus, she’s one of the craftiest people I know. All skills that make you an expert wedding planner, I must say.

She has been slaving over decorations for months. I’m sure that her thoughtful handmade decor will blow me out of the water. I can’t wait to take it all in.

Congrats, you two! Can’t wait to see you both in your wedding day duds! XO

P.S… Next time you’re at Target, try to find a wedding card that doesn’t say bride and groom, husband and wife, or have a picture of the two. It’s the little things.

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One Response to Congratulations, Samone and Carly!

  1. Samone says:

    I just read this. You’re too sweet Kelly. We were so glad you were there!

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