Identity crisis!

Is it just me or is waking up Kelly O’Connor and going to bed Kelly Anderson a little nuts? I’m nowhere near adjusted to my new name. And is it truly my name yet? When did/does it technically change? When I signed the certificate? Not until I get the real version in the mail? No idea.

I’m taking small steps towards becoming an Anderson. The first, treating myself to a beautiful return address stamp from Etsy. Remember this post when I described the ultimate wedding gift? Well, no one caught my drift so I took the liberty to indulge. 😉

Pretty, isn’t it? It’s simple yet chic, which I just love. For her first go at rubber stamps, I’d say Etsy seller Save the Date is doing pretty well. Check out all of here items here.

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One Response to Identity crisis!

  1. Maria says:

    Have you figured out how to sign Anderson yet? Because that was a struggle the first time 😉

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