A million tiny thank you’s

We spent months planning, days preparing, a couple of nights celebrating, and now the party is officially over. The set-up was daunting and the take-down tiring but now is when the real work begins.

As our parents have modeled, being husband and wife takes patience, intense dedication and commitment, and of course, a whole lot of love.

Spencer and I would like to thank anyone and everyone who has prepared us for this journey together…

— To our parents for raising us to be caring and loving individuals and our families for always giving us the benefit of the doubt,

— our friends for loving us even when we’d rather stay in and snuggle on the couch,

— our parents’ friends who have kept them sane, our co-workers who’ve kept us sane, and the family and friends who are insane for helping us bring such a wonderful wedding to life.

The party is over but we hope that you’ll all continue to celebrate with us. We love you all!

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2 Responses to A million tiny thank you’s

  1. Susan Strunk says:

    Kelli and Spencer,
    I feel so special to have been included in this very special event. Seeing it unroll from within your minds and watching all help you make it a reality reminded me of an ant colony and how they work together for a common purpose. I haven’t known you both very long but am so glad to have had that chance and look forward to watching you grow together. Marriage is like a 3 strand rope. One twine for you one for Spencer and one is God. Together you are strong and can bare up under any advirsity, break one twine and it weakens to rope.
    Connor is so sweet. What a great kid who has great parents. I am excited to watch him grow. And I will look forward to seeing you guys at the lake every year. Thanks for including my Mom and I in your celebration. Love you all. Susan

  2. Jesse Sia says:

    It was a wonderful wedding! Every part of the evening was alive with your love and joy. The care and planning that you put into it as a couple (and the constant love and support of your families) was present in every detail. And I got to meet Connor Joseph for the first time! I am honored to have been included. Being a witness to your committment to and love for each other goes into my mental keepsake book of treasured memories.

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