North Dakota moonshine

North Dakota moonshine is a Renschler family tradition. It’s a staple at family celebrations. Not sure where it started, or why, but I’m not complaining.

This weekend, I finally got to learn how to make it.

A simple combination of ingredients blend together to make the most rubbing alcohol-esgue concoction that you’ll ever consume. 190 proof Everclear (95% alcohol), that is cool to the touch and stings when it comes in contact with hangnails, plus burnt sugar and high-quality H2O = ND moon.

Minnesota liquor stores don’t allow the sale of 190 proof alcohol so Mom had to make the trip to Superior to get the goods. You can imagine the look on the cashier’s face when she approached the register with five jugs of Everclear.

You can also imagine my family’s excitement when mom demanded that we get to work freeing up booze bottles to store our creation. Yes, ma’am!

Now imagine the obliteration that ensued when Grandma ordered us to sample from each jug to ‘ensure consistency’.

25 jugs later, we’re ready for a serious wedding toast!

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One Response to North Dakota moonshine

  1. Laura Stroup says:

    As a true ND girl, this post makes me smile.

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