We’ve decided on a Quaker-style ceremony!

Spencer and I are pretty hell-bent on designing our own ceremony. Traditional weddings are absolutely beautiful but they’re not our style.

We want our ceremony to be personal and we really want our guests to be an asset to our special day rather than an audience.

So, we’ve decided to have a Quaker-style ceremony.

In case you’re not familiar (I wasn’t until I came across this blog), a Quaker ceremony is extremely simple. There is rarely pageantry and usually very little music – aside from the introduction of the bride and groom. Similarly, there is no set ritual and no sermon. Instead, guests sit in silence and stand up to share their thoughts of love and marriage if they are so moved. Neat, huh?

So here’s how our modified version will work.

After the processional and the welcome, we will stand to say our vows. Immediately following, we will invite anyone and everyone who feels like sharing to do so. While silence is expected, we’ll plant a couple ‘starters’ in the audience to kick things off. Guests who would like to speak should stand as the last person finishes.

Messages, which should be relatively short so the ceremony doesn’t last for hours, may be about anything appropriate to the joy of the occasion—love, family, marriage, life, or what have you.

Once everyone who would like to contribute has, we’ll exchange the rings and sign the marriage declaration – a poster-like guestbook that we will encourage all of our guests to sign as witnesses.

The music will start, we’ll make our exit, our guests will get the party started, and the rest is history!

Phew, it feels good to cross that one of the to-do list. Planning the ceremony is hard work! Plus, since we’ll be doing the marriage certificate poster thingy, we get to cross the guestbook off the list, too. Double whammy!

I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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3 Responses to We’ve decided on a Quaker-style ceremony!

  1. I’m planning on using this sort of idea in my wedding too. I’m wondering where you got the marriage certificate poster thingy hehe!! And basically you apply for a marriage licence from a local court house or whatever then this certificate is the same as the documents you’d sign with a regular wedding officiant ?

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