Bourbon tasting bar

I’ve been searching for ways to add table tops to our bourbon barrels. We’d like to use them as cocktail tables but the ends are slightly warped and not very big.

Anyway, while I was searching, I came across this post from The Merriment Blog. A beach wedding with a bourbon tasting bar.

How spectacular does this look. The bourbon, of course, but the beautiful display of glassware on the barrels. I’m speechless.

Unrelated, doesn’t the backdrop look kind of like Park Point in Duluth?

Click here to see her entire post.

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One Response to Bourbon tasting bar

  1. Nancy Gross says:

    HI Kel and Spencer,
    I love the invitation, and this is my official RSVP…I’ll be there!
    What should I plan to wear? I was thinking a dress and then maybe changing into jeans later at night if your dad is going to have a fire, but I don’t know how dressy or casual I should be. Any suggestions? Can’t wait to be back in Minnesota!

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