DIY quilt guestbook

I came across another great guestbook idea. One that a friend will be doing at her July wedding. Maybe she’ll let me display the final product.

Anyway, I think a quilt guestbook is perfect for the bride who loves to sew – she’ll need another project once the wedding planning is through.

How fun to curl up under all that love every time you sit down to watch a movie.

My mom and dad have a wedding quilt. Their squares are adorned with hand-stitched messages. Maybe someone sent the squares ahead of time? Mom, a little clarification? We’ll see if she’s actually reading…

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6 Responses to DIY quilt guestbook

  1. Chris and Carolyn James says:

    Kelly, I think you may have found your calling! Other brides need you! CJ

  2. Dad says:

    I don’t remember who organized all of the guests to make the quilt squares ahead of time.
    It was fun to see all of the finished squares. Some very crafty people, some not so crafty!
    They all had great messages. I’m glad you mentioned the quilt – I haven’t looked at it closely for some time. I’m going to take a look tonight and walk down memory!

  3. redtortoise999 says:

    I have participated in wedding quilts in the past — always with someone intrepid and creative organizing it. The squares get sent out ahead of time, sometimes with color suggestions. Then they have to hound the people to get them turned back in so that the thing can be put together and finished before the wedding. But having people do a square right there at the reception, hmmmm…….. I’ve never heard of that before. It would have to be some simple way to do them. When we organized a quilt for Spencer’s first grade teacher who was having her first baby, we used fabric paint to make all the kid’s handprints. And someone worked with the grandma to get footprints of the baby girl in the same paint. It was adorable!

  4. Marie says:

    I think they did send them out in advance. My mom has one too. It’s one of the most comfy blankets in the whole house.

  5. Kristin says:

    I don’t think she is..

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