Do me another favor?

Spencer and I spent another weekend checking things off the list. The goal was to find a suit for Spencer, a suit for Connor, buy rings, and finish our registry.

Check, not even close, half check, 3/4 check.

Spencer found a suit! That’s the highlight. I can’t wait to show him off.

Skip the next two.

I was not looking forward to registering. We learned the hard way that it can be stressful and exhausting. Our experience registering for Connor’s arrival was just that. We were shy about our situation and completely overwhelmed by people’s generosity.

Although still shy and overwhelmed, we felt much more prepared this time around. I, the queen of paper lists, have had a post-it on the refrigerator for months. “Do we have a bread knife?” Spencer would yell across the house. “Nope, add it to the list.” Every few weeks, I added the missing items to our e-registry and crossed them off of the fridge-note.

Oh, the things that we take for granted…

Our last stop of the day was Home Depot. We waltzed in, list in hand, ready to use the magic gun of fun one last time.

Evidently the folks at the Home Depot missed the turn of the century. No gun of fun – a clipboard and pen instead. The ultimate do-it-yourself store is right.

2 hours and 2 crabby boys later, we had to call it quits 1/2 through the store.

So, now that we’ve accomplished ivory TOMS wedges and something other than polar bear postcard stamps, it’s time to hail the Home Depot. Who’s with  me?

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3 Responses to Do me another favor?

  1. redtortoise999 says:

    Clearly Home Depot needs to get a clue! I think they need a savvy consultant to get them up to speed. Say one who KNOWS trends and social media and has mega experience even (as a twenty-something) with do-it-yourselfing, and who knows her way around a registry when the need arises. Any suggestions?

  2. Marie says:

    When we registered Home Depot didn’t even have gift registry. They apparently had the scanner guns and then canceled the registry option. At least they are slowly bringing it back.

    You have plenty of time to get through your checklists but if you need any registry advice, don’t hesitate to ask!

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