Look what we did this weekend

First and foremost, thank you to all the service men and women and their families for making the ultimate sacrifice. We owe you for our freedom and for the 3-day weekend – both are greatly appreciated.

We got so much done! Man it feels good to cross things off the list.

  • Cut 30 yards of burlap into table-length runners
  • Inventory table decor and make a list of our ‘needs’
  • Start a song list for the band
  • Stam and address envelopes
  • Stake out the tent location
  • Turn barn wood into frames for tent decor

As you’ll recall from this post, Spencer and his dad struck gold when they found a dilapidated barn on a client’s property just west of the metro. Along with the boulders that now adorn our front yard, they scored a whole pile of red siding scraps.

They’re not scraps anymore! We spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon turning them into frames. I did the figuring, Dad did the cutting, and we all took a shot at the putting together. Nailing horseshoe-shapped fence nails into rotten wood is exactly as difficult as it sounds.

A few dozen broken nails and a couple of curse words later, we put together 13 of the 20+ frames that we’ll use to decorate the tent.

They look great stacked in a pile against the garage door so I can only imagine how great they’ll look in the tent.

And the best part, aside from the gas it took to drive to the farm, the energy to operate the saw, the fence nails, and our time, this DIY project was ‘free’.

More on the cost of DIY in a future post…

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5 Responses to Look what we did this weekend

  1. Dani says:

    I’m getting married this August in MN and have been creeping around on your blog. I’m actually stealing a bunch of your ideas…including your photographer! (I think..if I can afford him)

    What did you end up doing with these? If you still have them laying around, I’d gladly buy them off your hands. Or rent? Who knows. Anyway, thank you for your great blog! My younger sister went to high school with Spencer and showed me your page. Love it!

  2. Fran Lyon-Dugin says:

    And the frames will hold pictures?? photos??

  3. redtortoise999 says:

    Love Love Love ’em.

  4. Grandma PJ says:

    They turned out just perfect! I found chain in Grandpa’s pole barn. You’ll have to look at it over the 4th.

  5. jason says:

    Kelly, these look beeeautiful! I can’t wait to see the final product.

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