The last post you’ll ever read…

Since the rapture is here and world is ending tomorrow, I think it’s appropriate that I describe some of the lavish and unnecessary wedding accessories that I’d splurge for if Spencer had planted a money tree instead of a spruce.

The first would be a clear tent – which I’d have to buy it because I’m nearly positive that no one in Northern Minnesota rents them.

Then I would pay sometime to haul hay bale benches to and from the ceremony site.

And since I’d fertilize my money tree with the only the best, it would give me so much money that I could quit my job and be a full-time antiquer. I’d cover my hay bales in vintage quilts and serve dinner on mismatched antique china plates.

Then after the bash, I’d splurge for a month-long honeymoon to Belize. I’d be so tan.

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One Response to The last post you’ll ever read…

  1. Marie says:

    Hope to see you on the other side.

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