MyDadsGotAGuy is now on twitter!

I’m following a ton of professional bloggers in hopes of landing our DIY wedding on a few sites. I’ve been hastily trying to join the conversation – retweeting, posting links to articles, and of course as much of my own content is possible.

So far I’ve been happy with the results. A few distinctive wedding gurus have mentioned me and even commented on the blog.

This weekend I got a tweet from the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market (MPLSFarmMarket) suggesting that I patronize them for my wedding flowers. How did they know? That’s been part of the plan all along. In fact, it’s a fairly significant reason for choosing a DIY wedding.

Since I’m going for that ‘not professional’ look and using mason jars as vases, I’d hate to spend a bazillions dollars for a florist to make DIY-looking arrangements. That seems wasteful, don’t you think? The Farmer’s Market boasts huge boquets of seasonal flowers for $5! I bet I’ll be able to use 1 bunch per table. Oh the savings! Plus, Spencer’s mom’s got a guy at the market.

Back to my story. I replyed to the Farmer’s Market to confirm my plans and suggested that we put something together to advertise the collaboration. I knew it was a longshot but if I’ve learned anything from my husband-to-be, it’s that you can’t get what you don’t ask for.

To my surprise, they agreed! No details yet but I assume I’ll write a story and they’ll publish it on their website. How exciting. I’ll keep you posted.

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10 Responses to @MyDadsGotAGuy

  1. Nancy Gross says:

    I have taken a few flower arranging classes and your mom has already recruited me for pre-wedding tasks. I would love to help with centerpieces! Right now I’m experimenting with that fake-water-resin stuff for silk flowers. Looks easy, but from what I have been reading, it’s tricky. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Kelly says:

      I am so pumped that you’re coming – especially that you’re coming early. It has been way too long since Minnesota has seen you.

  2. Elisa says:


    • Kelly says:

      I can hear you say that and I love it. 🙂 Come with me this summer to scope out the flower selection?

  3. Super cute idea! I LOVE Farmers Market flower bunches!

  4. Hana says:

    Kelly — I have been sneaking a peek at your blog when it pops onto my news feed and your inspirations are inspiring! I can’t wait to see actual pictures from YOUR wedding!! You have the ABSOLUTE right idea for going to the Farmer’s Market for flowers. I catered a wedding a few years ago and that was their DIY fix for the day… it was hands down the most unique and beautiful floral arrangements I have ever seen in a wedding…. and such a penny saver. Good luck!!

    PS– My grandma in Aitkin still cans a lot. I will see if she has any mason jars to donate for you 🙂

    • Kelly says:

      I’m so glad you’ve been sneaking a peek! That’s what it’s for. I love writing it so I’m glad someone is reading. 🙂 And thanks for offering Grandma’s mason jars. If she has extra, especially some of the old antique-looking ones, I would love to borrow. My parents drive through Aitkin in route to my Grandma’s house. Hope all is well!

  5. Sarah Hamman says:

    I love the DIY flower idea, Kelly. I’ve helped several cousins make bride/bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces for their weddings. If you need any help I would love to pitch in!

    • Kelly says:

      Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind while I’m making practice bouquets this summer, too!

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