Spencer IS the guy!

This morning, I got an email from my aunt who, thus far, has volunteered herself as my personal decorator (in more ways than one but that’s for another day). Anyway, she had been searching for ways to incorporate recycled wood into the decor when she came across this cute lemonade stand.

Her email said, “Too bad we don’t have barrels. Does anyone have a guy?”

“Barrels like these?” I asked. “Spencer’s the guy!” How ironic, eh?

He sent me a picture message on his way home last night that was titled, “Happy rustic wedding, hunny!” His truck was loaded with 6 oak barrels from the brewery. They were made for wine Jim Beam bourbon, then beer, and now unforgettable decorations at our reception.

So much for getting anything done around the house tonight. I’m glued to the blogosphere looking for more inspiration.

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4 Responses to Spencer IS the guy!

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  2. Kelly says:

    CORRECTION: Spencer informed me that these were never wine barrels. In fact, they are official Jim Beam bourbon barrels.

  3. Clarice says:

    This is getting better and better!!!!!!

  4. jason says:

    i love these!!

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