Inspiration board 3: Patio lights

Part of the thrill of hosting an outdoor reception is the darkness. It’s also part of the challenge. We need enough light for guests to maneuver the tent but not so much that the romantic ambiance is lost.

I love what these brides have done with outdoor patio lighting. Soft and simple yet they give off enough light to be worthwhile. Plus, I love the look. Similar to holiday lights but much more chic, in my opinion. Is carefree the best word to describe it?

Patio lights

Along with everything else, patio lights can be pretty spendy. The occasional restaurant supply store carries lights but their industrial grade ranks them out of my price range.

Had I planned a little better, I might have been able to find a set or two on one of my favorite reuse site – OnceWed or Recycled Bride – but alas.

This time of year, however, is the perfect place to look local. Target has a great selection of lights including perfectly round lights like those in the photos. I purchase a set or two each time the Target monster bites.

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3 Responses to Inspiration board 3: Patio lights

  1. ben colvin says:

    hey we had those at our wedding, Maybe we still have them ill check for you

  2. Elisa says:

    I’m obsessed with fun, outdoor wedding lighting. We obviously can’t have any, so I’m counting on you to make my patio lighting dreams come true 🙂

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