Spencer’s dad’s got a guy, too!

In the midst of all this wedding planning, we’re helping my parents move out of my childhood home, starting a bathroom remodel, and landscaping our yard.

Landscaping blocks are expensive! Can we register for those? Spencer’s dad had a better idea which led us here – the farm graveyard.

In case you didn’t know, farmers have two harvest seasons. One in the fall when they gather the corn but a second in the spring when they harvest the massive rocks that were planned by aliens while we humans hid from Old Man Winter.

Anyway, the farmer told us to take as many as boulders as we could carry. Not as funny then as it is after seeing Spencer’s pickup filled to the brim with 500 lb rocks. I’m fairly surprised that its tires aren’t in itty bitty pieces all over highway 55.

The farm graveyard was littered with treasures. And the farmer encouraged scavenging so look what Spencer brought home.

A pile of rustic wood planks – painted red – from the walls of the barn. Aunt Patti and I have a plan for these bad boys! I can’t wait to show you.

And this!

A RED BARN DOOR. I squealed with excitement when I peered into the truck and saw it. It was love at first site! I’ve been daydreaming about incorporating it into my decor. Not sure how I’ll do it but you can bet it will be an eye-catcher.

If you can’t have your wedding in a barn, bring the barn to your wedding!

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2 Responses to Spencer’s dad’s got a guy, too!

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  2. Aunt Patti says:

    The barn wood is PERFECT!! We will really have fun making our project.

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