The perfect wedding gift

I know you need a China tea set, 1500 thread-count sheets, Swarovski crystal champagne flutes, and 200 feet of garden hose but I want to buy you something that you don’t really need. Something one-of-a-kind that will make you smile and think of me every time you use it.

If I were Spencer, I’d give you a piggy bank, actually a doggie bank, with a little jingle jangle inside. But I’m kind of fancying this personalized rubber stamp with your new last name and return address instead.

Etsy sellers like GlitterPuff, Tickled Pink Paper Ink, and Sweet Paperie have custom stamps for under $30. Most are self inking and you get to pick the ink color!

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2 Responses to The perfect wedding gift

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  2. Samantha says:

    OH my gosh! Love it!! I could not agree with you more Kelly!! 🙂
    Unique gifts are always amazing and so fun!

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