The story of our engagement

About a month after Connor was born, I had planned a family photo shoot in Canal Park. I thought I was in complete control of the situation. Boy, was I wrong. Spencer and my dad had been scheming for weeks.

The weather was pretty miserable so I tried to convince the family that we should skip it and take pictures in the back yard instead. Mom insisted that she was excited to go down to canal park because, “It had been a while since she was a tourist.” I should have figured something was up the minute she uttered those words.

As we scurried out the door, she asked if I was really going to wear that coat. An odd comment at the time but I get it now.

When we got to Canal park, Spencer said he had a surprise for me. He had hired a professional photographer to take pictures for us. I’ll admit, the first thing that crossed my mind was, “How are we affording this?” But how could I be mad, it was such a sweet gesture.

Look how naive I am to the situation…

Then he told me he had another surprise.

And another. All of a sudden the iconic sound of the lift bridge bellowed in the background. The captain’s salute for the newly engaged couple. I lost it.

And while the shock wore off, we wandered around Canal Park posing for Ben’s camera. This is one of my favorites.

Towards the end of our session, Spencer told me he had one more surprise. Enough already! His family was in town and would be joining us at my parent’s house for a celebratory dinner.

What a day! I’d say I found a keeper.

And a big thank you to Ben Colvin Photography for capturing it all on film. Head over to the photos page to see more from our engagement shoot.

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